26 Mar

So Unofficially we are officially in! Check out the Leaderboard to see where we stand. You’ve got to sort by region and stuff, ┬ábut you are smart and can figure that out for yourself. As of 7:30pm on Sunday we are sitting at 23rd place in the SW region and the top 30 qualify. What does that mean? It means that in these fake tests of fitness called the “Open” we did ok. Regionals are going to be a different story. Workouts will be a bit more like what we see on a daily basis in the gym, and there will be some team workouts as well — obviously. Anyways, to everyone who registered and competed thus far: strong work and we are proud of you! This is just getting started because now we have to prepare for regionals on Cinco de Mayo weekend! Thank you to everyone who showed up on Saturday and Sunday to cheer us on. Sunday especially was a blast. It took a while, but when the meat finally got cooked it was awesome!





6 Deadlift 155/225

9 Chin Up

12 Push Up