29 Apr

Well it looks like the 3:00pm time slot for the Paleo Pot Luck is the winner. That will give everyone a little time to go home (or to the liquor store) to prepare their masterpiece.


Just as a reminder, this is the last week to get the 15% off from CC Bodyfuel. It’s not that hard. Go to their website, pick out your food from the “Now Serving” section, and then click on “How to Order“. Great food, great value. If you are planning a night out anytime soon, order a CC Bodyfuel meal instead. It’s homemade food with quality ingredients. Who knows what you’re getting from Applebee’s? In case you didn’t know, Peter (and his wife Chris the head chef!) are CC Bodyfuel, so you’re supporting a local business owned by one of our members.

Pay close attention to your head position during this workout. When doing a high volume of double unders, it is very common to start straining your neck and tilting your head back. If you do that enough, you will get a nasty exertional headache. K-Star from Mobility WOD did a piece about a week or so back regarding this. Check out the video and make it a point to not get taken out of a WOD by chipmunks eating out the backs of your eyes.



10 Rounds for Reps

1 Minute max double under

1 Minute rest between rounds


Easy on paper…sucky in real life.